Drip Speciality Coffee

Beans: Indonesian
Sale priceDhs. 59.00

Specialty Drip coffee, Brew your coffee easily

Brew your coffee in a few seconds, Boil Water, then add it to your cup of coffee and enjoy the perfect taste of coffee.

With 8 packets inside

Choose Indonesian coffee for world's finest premium gourmet coffees renowned for providing a rich, satisfying flavor.

Choose Ethiopian coffee for vibrant fruity and flowery characteristics. They often contain complex taste nuances, a light to medium body, and a stronger acidity.

Choose Colombian Coffee for its bright acidity and medium-bodied character, offering a taste experience to savor.

 Choose Brazilian Coffee for its balance, acidity, sweetness, and body, that is neither bitter nor sweet. The coffee's body is also full and creamy, making it perfect for those who enjoy a richer cup of coffee.


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